The FBE-er: Ebenezers Help

Hey FBE-ers!

There are some difficult things about being a pastor.

For instance: sometimes it is difficult to measure success.  I could count filled seats… but a big crowd might just mean we have entertaining music and a really handsome pastor… and not necessarily that lives are turning toward Christ.

But there is one thing that helped me here at FBE.  Since we record our sermons, I can always return to a sermon that I knew God spoke through.  Sometimes I need to do this.  I don’t have an ego trip that likes to hear myself speak – some days I just can’t believe God can use me… and I need to remember His faithfulness is more powerful than my weaknesses.  He has used me before!!!!

For instance, this Sunday we had four ladies pray to receive Christ.  Two sisters – who listened via our live Spanish translation – and their two daughters who listened in English.  

Take a moment to celebrate that, FBE!!!

Rarely have I felt better about a sermon than on Sunday.  I felt like I was talking with family, and I could feel God speaking to us – we were fellowshipping with God together.  When I heard that these ladies gave their lives to Christ I belly-laughed with joy.

But this morning, I woke up in a funk.  I was not excited about the day, about my ministry, about anything (except that my family was coming home today!!!).  Honestly I was feeling a little depressed, and angry that my faith didn’t seal me apart from depression.  My heart was a big, “Bah!  Humbug!!!”  

I knew I needed to recenter on truth.  I needed to remember who I was in Christ.  I really needed to remember that Christ has come through for me, and that He wanted to use me today.

So I opened the podcast app on my phone and started playing Sunday’s sermon on my phone while I got ready.  
It was all I needed.
And it wasn’t just the content of the message…
It was that the message existed at all.
I was reminded that God had helped me.

He helped me out of slavery to sin.
He helped me work with Him in communicating His heart to others.

Bring on the day.

In 1 Samuel 7:12, Samuel raises up a rock to help the people remember that God had helped them.  He named it, “The Rock of Help.”  Or in Hebrew: Eben Ha’azer.  

Or as our English says it, “Ebenezer.”

It is good for us to raise an “ebenezer” every once in a while.  To have something to look at to remember, “My God is a Rock of Help.”

Have you been struggling to walk in the Truth? …to believe that God has something valuable for you today?  Look back and remember when God helped you or spoke to you.  Right down that memory and look at it often.

Let that memory be an Ebenezer for you – a monument to God’s faithfulness.

Life is hard.  Ebenezers help.

Seek. Serve. Stand.,


I've been on staff at FBE since 2012. Where I first was hired as a creative coordinator, I am now the Pastoral Assistant. I married my beautiful best friend, Ashley Garcia on December 19, 2015. Knowing God is a constant and endless pursue, third wave coffee is a must, punk rock and hardcore keep my spirits high.

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