The FBE-er: From Sorrow, to Shock, to…

Hey FBE-ers!

What a difference a day can make!

Saturday was certainly a day of sorrow.

Saddened, scared, and spent.
The disciples huddle together with no hope.
Their dear friend dead.
Their Messiah massacred.
Three years down the drain.
Their only hope?
Escape the Jews and the Romans to return to a life left behind.

How were they to return to that life left behind?
How were they to be Jews now?
The Messiah failed.
How could they worship God now?
He could not prevail.
How would they live in this life darkened by the shadow of what almost was?

Saturday was certainly a day of sorrow.

Sunday must have been a shock.

Restless sleep wrecked by shouting women.
“The tomb!!!  The tomb is empty!!!”
“The angels!  The angels said, ‘He has risen!'”
“Silly women,”  The forlorn men said.
Peter wasn’t the fastest sprinter, but he was the most pretentious.
Straight into the tomb –

His body?
Could this be a good thing?
Could God allow it to get any worse?

Two of them couldn’t handle it any more.
“We’re going for a walk.  Need anything from Emmaus?”

They return from Emmaus in a huff,
“We’ve seen Jesus!!!  He is risen!”
They are shocked at the lack of surprise.
“He is risen indeed!!!  He has appeared to Simon as well!!!”

The excitement is electric.
Their minds are buzzing.
The day has become a haze of joy and confusion.

What now?
Where is He?
What’s He going to do?
Is this the end?
Utter shock!!!


There HE is in their midst.

Sorrow for Saturday.
Shock and awe for Sunday.
What’s for Monday?

Patient, Spirit-attentive, service.

The disciples huddle together in unity.
Waiting on Christ’s promise.
They have received their Master’s mind of humility.
They are humanity’s servants.
Bearing the good news of the resurrection and His salvation.

Today is a new day.
A new day of Spirit-attentive service.

Have Christ’s mind. (Philippians 2)
Bear witness to the gospel – the power of the Resurrection for the forgiveness of sin.

Receive His forgiveness, grace, and love.
Share it in service.

Seek, SERVE, Stand.


I've been on staff at FBE since 2012. Where I first was hired as a creative coordinator, I am now the Pastoral Assistant. I married my beautiful best friend, Ashley Garcia on December 19, 2015. Knowing God is a constant and endless pursue, third wave coffee is a must, punk rock and hardcore keep my spirits high.

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