…That may seem like a strange way to greet someone who may be experiencing FBE for the first time, but it captures how this church wants all people to feel when they step through our doors (or in the case, visits our website). We believe that people matter. Consequently, one of the primary elements of church life is the intentional move to help people feel like they belong to the “family” (that is, FBE). Like any family, you will find all kinds of people here; whether blue-collar, white-collar, or no-collar, all kinds of people call FBE home. We welcome you to participate in our family life.

In the links below you will see a snapshot of who we are. Each area of church life provides opportunity for involvement and service for all who are interested in plugging in at FBE. We are a group of people who follow Jesus Christ as He takes us to a level of living that only HE can provide. We pray that you find life with Him first; then with His family group that gathers here as First Baptist Edinburg.



Pastor Search Congregational Survey

So you’ve caught us at a unique transition time. We’re currently in the midst of finding a new Senior Pastor for FBE, and guess what. You get to help us find who it is! Below there is a link that will direct you to a survey that will help us know more about you and more about what you need in a pastor.


pastoral survey

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